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Today I'm interviewing the very talented duo behind HOUSE of CÒR! After living in Europe for a few years the couple returned home to launch their fashion label CÒR in May on home soil, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. Since then have been selling their unique women & mens clothing range at the Village Markets in Burleigh Heads and on their online store. Check it out hereI hope you enjoy the insights! 

How did you come up with the name "HOUSE of CÒR" and what does it mean to you?

We thought long and hard about a name that would be more than just a word - it needed to mean something to us. The name 'CÒR' came about due to the simple fact that we feel this business is the core of everything we've both wanted for a long time. We feel like we've put our hearts and souls into this business and COR is actually 
the Latin word for heart. It was the perfect name! Since the business has evolved and we are now stocking a few other brands on our website, we needed a name for the business as a whole, so we changed it to HOUSE of CÒR. CÒR is still the name of our own label and the clothing and accessories we make/produce ourselves.

Tell us the story of how HOUSE of CÒR began?

Starting a clothing label has been Tristan's dream and goal for as long I have known him, so we decided to join forces and be business partners as well as boyfriend/girlfriend! Which has been surprisingly easy so far! ;) Our recent return to Australia after having lived in Europe for a few years, was the perfect timing to get the business started.We started applying for market stalls around the Gold Coast in May, and have since gotten a small following on Instagram and Facebook. We love going to markets, as people are usually there to find stuff that is new and not in stores yet - and we really appreciate the support for small local businesses!

Tell us a little bit about your background - what path led you to becoming a designer/owner of a clothing brand?

Tristan and I are both very visual and creative. And both very interested in fashion! Tristan studied visual merchandising many years ago , and in 2011 did a fashion course to gain more knowledge of the industry.
Having studied photography and currently working freelance, I have always had a visual eye and an interest in fashion photography, which is something that has benefitted me greatly in the way I see shape, patterns and colour. 

What has inspired your designs so far? 

Both our own designs and the few labels we stock have a specific look and feel about them. Moving from Melbourne, to Europe, and currently living on the Gold Coast has not necessarily been easy! Our style is very different from most things on the Coast and could probably be classed as european in many ways. We tend to describe out styles as raw and edgy, but all our designs have a certain basic minimalism.

What can we look forward to from HOUSE of CÒR?

We have BIG plans for HOUSE of CÒR! 2013 will be the year for overseas fabric sourcing and brand new
designs for CÒR, new market locations around Australia, possibly stocking new amazing labels in our online 
store, and just continuing the development of HOUSE of CÒR. 2013 wil be a huge year and we can't wait!

How cool is that skull by 337design. You can find these guys at the Village Markets in Burleigh Heads as well!

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