Wednesday, December 26, 2012

EATwell // juice time!

Drum roll please....introducing my new column "EATwell". The purpose of these posts are to show you my love of food and drinks! This juice is made from home grown beetroot and carrots from my very own veggie garden! I hope you give it a try, because it's delicious! And stay tuned for more EATwell posts!

Photography + Styling by - Stephanie Brehaut (me!)

Friday, December 21, 2012

BLOG // re-brand

So.. you may have noticed I'm re-branding my blog. I'm making it feel more me, me, me!
Inspiration for my new logo comes from my love of peach + grey. I want this blog to represent me so these two colours were a must!

I've also added a profile pic to give you an insight into my personal style! I'll be adding some new cooking columns and will feature some local artists soon. I hope you enjoy my new look and enjoy my quirky the way how cool is this animation?

Photography - Angela
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